Monday, November 16, 2009

Tears like rain

When my daughter was little
And scared of storms
I told her that when the thunder sounded
The angels were bowling
And when lightning hit
An angel got a strike

But when it's raining without the storm
What then?

I think Jesus is crying,
Crying for all the lost,
Crying for the ones who knew Him but turned away,
Jesus is crying
For the ones lost in sin,
And for the brokenhearted,
Jesus is crying.

If Jesus collects our tears in a bottle,
And keeps them in His book,
Then where do His tears go?

Tears like rain,
Jesus is crying,
For all the little ones
Who never got the chance to live,
Jesus is crying
For all the children
Abused and killed,
Jesus is crying.

He knows how I feel when I cry
For my lost lamb
Far away from home
For He cries too.