Friday, January 22, 2010

Citygarden in Summer

I wrote the poem below for a poetry contest.  I thought you all might enjoy it.  For more information on Citygarden, click here.

Citygarden in Summer

An oasis of green
In the midst of hot concrete sidewalks
And tall, imposing skyscrapers.
A place to cool off physically and emotionally
From the oppressive heat of the St. Louis summer.
The sculptures stand stoically, inviting viewing and discussion.
Tourists shoot photos of their children with the white bunnies.
Children frolic in the fountains
And wade in the reflecting pool.
Workers sit on the snakelike benches
And enjoy the scenery while eating their lunches.
Children and adults as well
Make melodies by dancing on the shiny square chimes.
Beautiful flowers, towering trees and bushy shrubs
Help make Citygarden an oasis of green in the hot city.

Thanks for reading!