Wednesday, July 28, 2010

8 days a week

There are those Christians who only think about Jesus one hour a week, during worship.  They do whatever they want the other 167 hours of the week.  They seldom read their Bibles, they don't pray, and they don't live the way that Jesus would have us live. Even worse are those who only attend church on Christmas or Easter, and ignore Jesus the rest of the year.

But that's not how Jesus wants us to live.  He wants us to have a relationship with Him.  To have a relationship with someone means that we spend time with them.  We talk to the other person.  We try to learn all we can about the other person so we know them more and love them even more.  We want the other person to be pleased with us.

I'm sure Jesus is grieved when Christians spend only an hour a week in His presence, when they don't read and study His Word, or when they don't spend time in prayer.  He loves them and wants to be their Friend.  He misses them when they don't spend time with Him.

Take a close look at your relationship with Jesus.  Are you as close to Him as you could be?  Do you spend time in His presence - praying to Him, reading His Word?  Do you live your life so that He would approve of it?  He wants us to live by the rules He has written in his Word.  And when we fail, (as we sometimes do), He forgives us and our relationship with Him is restored.

The Beatles once sang:  "Eight days a week is not enough to show I care."  There isn't enough earthly time to tell Jesus how much we love Him, how grateful we are that He died on the Cross for our sins and that we're saved.  However, we will have all eternity in Heaven to praise Him and show our love to Him.  I can't wait - can you?