Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have a dream

No, not a Martin Luther King, Jr. type dream. I just thought it made a nice title. :lol

I'm a legal secretary in the real world. Around three years ago, I started having a mid-life crisis. I'd been a legal secretary for about 10 years at that point, and I didn't think I wanted to do that anymore. But I make more money than my husband, and so I was stuck. I have always enjoyed writing, and thought I might want to write. I discovered the Christian Writers' Guild, headed by Jerry B. Jenkins of Left Behind fame. The Guild offers a writers' course to help you sharpen up your writing skills. I felt the Lord calling me to take this course. I even sent for an information package. It is a 2 year course and you take two lessons a month. I had hubby read over the brochure, but he said we couldn't afford it. At that time, it cost $1,000 for the course, and you had to have MS Word installed on your computer, which I didn't have. So I reluctantly put the brochure in the filing drawer, and filed the dream in the back part of my brain.

Ever since then though, I check out Writer's Digest magazines from the library. A few weeks ago, the dream came back. I feel the writing urge pull at me again. The Lord told me to start blogging so I can practice my writing. And I looked at the Christian Writer's Guild's web site again, although the price has gone up to $1,480 (for monthly payments) or $1,180 (for one time lump sum payment). I now have MS Word on my computer, but the money for the course would be hard to come by, since the store that my husband worked at closed in November. He has a new job, but it's only part time. Unemployment picks up the rest, but we have too many bills for me to even consider it. I am praying that if the Lord truly wants me to take the Guild course, that He will provide the funds and that my husband will not try to appropriate the funds for bills.

Thanks for reading about my dream! I pray it comes true soon. Have a blessed day!