Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reflections On A Camping Trip

Oh! How I love God’s creation!

It reminds me of who He is.

He made it to represent Himself.

The tall trees remind me of God’s majesty.

Their high, uplifted limbs remind me

To raise my hands to Him in prayer and surrender.

The lower branches that reach down remind me

That God reaches down to us when we are in need.

The trees give us shelter and protection from storms

Like God does.

The birds calling remind me

Of how Jesus calls us to faith and trust in Him.

The birds hunting for food remind me

That God provides for us.

The singing of the birds remind me

To sing sweet songs of praise to Him, my Creator.

The green of the plants remind me

Of the new life God gives to us after we give our hearts to Him.

The sunshine reminds me

Of the warmth of God’s love.

The burning heat of the sun reminds me

Of Hell, the place that I will not go since I believe in Him.

The rain reminds me of how

The blood of Jesus washed away my sins and refreshed my soul.

The cold weather is like the condition of my heart

Before I believed in Him.

And when the snow covers the ground

It reminds me of how Jesus’ death on the Cross covered my sins

And makes me clean and pure.

The flowers reaching towards the sun

Remind me to look to the Father for all my wants and needs.

The reflection of the sun on the lake water

Reminds me to reflect God’s love in all I do and way

And to lead others to Him.

The clouds remind me that

When Jesus returns, He will comes with clouds

And the whole world will see Him and mourn.

The gentle breeze reminds me

Of how deep God’s love is for us.

The fire reminds me of the Holy Spirit,

Burning out the dross in my soul and consuming me.

All of God’s creation works and lives together in harmony.

It reminds us of how we should live with each other

In harmony and care for each other.

Even when my Bible is not at hand,

All I have to do is look at His calling card of Creation

Created for all the world to see.

God created the universe by just the words from His mouth!

He is the only one who is capable

Of creating the universe and everything in it.

How marvelous!

Even though we humans

Are but a tiny part of God’s creation

He cares for us more than any of it.

He loves humans so much that

He came to earth in human form as Jesus

And died on the Cross as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.

How can I help but praise Him

For all the wonderful things He has done

And all the wonderful things He has created?

Let all that is within me praise and bless His holy name!